Thursday, 7 August 2008

3 Ways To Use Adsense To Bring In Multiple Streams Of Income

Adsense can be used in differing earning methods that bring in multiple streams of income, if you plan it right and of course work hard to begin with, the possible implications of bringing in other sites that you wouldn't have already considered otherwise are quite daunting as they all involve creating unique content that is going to be usful to people who search them.

If you have ever seen sites with adsense placed on them, then you will know that they are placed in different places and in differing formats and colours, but did you know that the content that it is placed next to or around affects the relevancy of these ads, how often have you seen a site and the ads are way off and not targeted?

There are a number of reasons for this, but the number one factor is not optimizing your content to compliment your ads, and so this leads directly into the first method of your income stream - Setting up your own article directory

An article directory can bring in a decent amount of adsense revenue or other ad revenue if you prefer not to use google adsense, as articles can be put into categories and targeted more effectively for the people searching for them.

The advantage of an article directory is that others can create the content and help you build your site further, but one major downside is that you need to have lots of server space, disk space to keep it running as there will be associated costs with your web host provider, so keep this in mind, but on the other hand, online businesses will always be about web host costs and other factors so if you are not serious about an article directory or a big website, then keep it small or maybe just use a single free blog until you can justify the cost.

With an article directory you can use the full range of adsense units and even include the search function on each page to help your searchers along and your earnings too.

Second is my personal favourite - Build your own niche blog network

Which isn't as hard as it sounds, you see leveraging the power of seperately focused blogs on one main topic can be very good for your adsense earnings and other income from affiliate marketing and advertising sponsors.

By tightly focusing on one aspect on each blog about sub topics of a main niche, you are effectively creating your own network, why join another blog network, when you can build your own with some free blogs at blogger, the benefits of networking come in when you link your blogs up, but also try and interweave your posts through each others blog space, this bring them together, but each niche blog still stands up on their own, just in case you get some readers who may only want to find out about one of your sub topics rather than the whole picture.

Niche blogs follow the premise that you know alot about your subject to carry it off, and that is the whole idea about most online business models, to try and sustain your motivation and growth, you pick your most treasured topics and write content based on your expert knowledge and this is what people want to read, your enthusiasm should be able to rub off on the reader too.

Thirdly - What about a nice portal site

Portal sites are similar to article directories except for the fact that these may contain actual categories that provide links for shoppers to buy products from all manner of different places, this is a good way to focus your adsense ads aswell as you can niche target your ads to focus on a niche or specific market.

Portal sites really can make an impact on your advertising earnings if you either get a good script or you can build websites yourself, either way you need to do a lot of keyword research if you can't get an affordable script as you may need to optimize some of the pages yourself, I would recommend spending a good amount of time on keyword research and your target market as this is the essential building blocks for the future online business.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Niche Building Is Created From A Single Interest Or Expertise

Hobbies, interests, leisure time activities are the main areas that niche markets spring up out of, an in depth knowledge of someone who lives and breathes their hobby in their spare time or they feel that their hobby is over taking their spare time and they want to build it up as a business online, taking advantage of all the online benefits of promoting something you know alot about.

Building a niche website can be as simple as starting a blog or website that is really simple and basic, then they start to write content for that niche or hobby that really is quite useful to people in that niche, then from there you start to provide products, these could be information products to start with, and later on down the road actual physical products that identify a further common desire to learn more for your visitors.

The main thing to remember is to always enforce that you do know what you are talking about and your credibility is real and grounded to your knowledge in your niche.

Build A Niche Store Or BANS For Short

Building a niche on ebay can be difficult without help, but with a specific program that can help you on your way, you can easily build a niche website in any niche market you choose.

BANS is a unique and original software program that can be installed with support to your own web host account, any potential niche that exists on ebay can be earned from using this niche building software

Maybe you have an interest that you know full well you can earn online from, well the niche building program can make that happen